Abdol Hossein Parnow

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08334283270-- 09124544536

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parnowabdolhossein@gmail.com aparnow@razi.ac.ir

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Razi University Campus - Sports Sciences Faculty - Third Floor - Deputy Director of Education and Graduate Studies

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Dr. Abdolhossein Parnow was born in 1355 in Gilan-e-Gharb in Kermanshah province. In 1998, he was admitted to undergraduate physical education at Tehran University and was accepted in 2002 as a graduate student at Tarbiat Modaress University. He studied his Ph.D. in Sport Physiology at Tarbiat Modarres University from 2005 to 2008.

Introducing the Educational Deputy Dean*: including biography and a brief resume

-Supervision of the implementation of educational regulations and rules approved by all educational levels
-Planning policy and procedures required for implementing the
approved laws and regulations by educational council of the university
-Supervising the provision of service and licensing courses
-Monitoring the internal evaluation of training groups
-Establishing communication and coordination with the relevant directors of the university's deputy in order to implement the regulations and approved educational guidelines.
-Holding regular sessions of the Faculty's continuing education and attending educational sessions and meetings.
-Reviewing the need to launch new disciplines and trends in the faculty
-Other duties assigned by the dean of the faculty

Duties of the Educational Deputy Dean

1. Mr. Mojtaba Safari is responsible for education.  Contact number: 08334283267
2. Mr. Dariush Hariri is in charge of continuing education. Contact number: 08334273268

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