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Sports Sciences Department

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Sports Sciences


Behrooz Ebrahimi

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The Department of Sport Sciences was launched in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities in 1994, and since then, the undergraduate students have been admitted. Since 1996, the Department of Physical Education at the undergraduate level (general minor) has also admitted the students.
In March 1997, the Department of Physical Education was separated from the Faculty of Literature and Humanities and initiated its activities at the School of Sport Sciences, but continued to work at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities until fully completed in 2002 till it was separated and transferred to Razi University campus.

Pathology and Corrective movements since 2004. From 2007, areas of Motor Behavior and from 2008 , Sports Physiology and Sports Management have also been added to the postgraduate courses.

Since 2008, the preliminary studies of the construction of the new building of the Faculty of Sport Sciences have started, until the October 2013, the Faculty of Sport Sciences, as one of the largest sports faculties in the country with an infrastructure of over 6,000 square meters, welcomed students and university work.
Since 2013, due to changes in the approved headline of the ministry, as well as hardware and software facilities of the faculty, the number of graduate minors in four majors and 8 minors has been improved as follows:
Sports Physiology: Physiology, Physical Fitness and Health, Applied Sports Physiology, Nutrition

Sport Management: Marketing in Sports Industry, Strategic Management in Sports Organizations and Sports Events Management
Movement Behavior: Learning and Movement Control
Pathology and Corrective Movement: Corrective Movement
At the Ph.D Level, the School of Sport Sciences is currently accepting the following in 3 majors and 7 minors:
Sports Physiology: Physiology of Cardiovascular and Respiratory tract, Neuromuscular Adaptation in Sport and Sport Metabolism
Sports Management: Sport Management, Marketing and Media, Strategic Management
Movement Behavior: Movement Learning

                         Introducing the Department

Behrouz Ebrahimi Aveshine, Assistant Professor
Nasser Behpour, Assistant Professor
Abdol Hossein Parnow
, Assistant Professor
Vahid Tadaybi, Associate Professor
Manouchehr Heidari, Assistant Professor
Ali Heirani, Assistant Professor
Zohreh Hasani, Assistant Professor
Ali Ashraf Khazaei, Assistant Professor
Shirin Zardashtian, Assistant Professor
Kiwan Sha'bani Moghadam, Assistant Professor

Werya Tahmasbi, Assistant Professor
Homayoun Abbasi, Assistant Professor
Hossein Edi, Assistant Professor
Mohammad Azizi, Assistant Professor
Amir Abbas Regularly, Assistant Professor
Bahram Yousefi Associate Professor
Mustafa Akbari, Instructor
Currently, 3 faculty graduates are working with the faculty: Dr. Farzaneh Gandami, Dr. Ehsan Amiri and Dr. Rastegar Hosseini

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Physical Education and Sport Sciences: Biological Sciences
Physical Education and Sport Sciences: Human Sciences
Sports Sciences
Sports management :
- Management of  Sports Events
- Strategic management in Sports Organizations
- Marketing Management in Sports
Sports Physiology:
- Physical Activity and Wellbeing
- Applied Sports physiology

-Sports Nutrition

Motor behavior:

- Motor Control and Learning

Sports pathology and Corrective Movements:

-Corrective Movement


Sports Management:
- Marketing and Media Management in Sports
- Strategic Management in Sports Organizations and Events
Sports Physiology :
- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology
- Nervous and Muscular Physiology
- Biochemistry and Sports Metabolism
Motor Behavior:
- Motor Learning


Title of majors and minors by level